What to Look for in an Employer
  • What to Look for in an Employer

    What to Look for in an Employer

    We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve just graduated from school or recently left your previous position, searching for a job can be daunting. While earnings always lie at the focal point of a job search, there are other important factors that you should take into consideration before accepting a position. Otherwise, you could potentially end up in a position that pays well but does not ultimately meet your needs.

    Here are a few things to consider:

    Culture: A new job consists of more than just the set of tasks you’re expected to complete. Also consider the people you’ll be surrounded by — supervisors, coworkers, upper management. All of these individuals will contribute to whether or not you enjoy a position.

    Facility: Be sure to check out the location and area your potential position resides in. Ask yourself if you’ll be comfortable day to day, not only at your work space but also during commutes and personal time. Will your commutes be tolerable? Is there opportunity to run errands during your lunch break, if necessary?

    Benefits Package: From health insurance to long-term disability, vision, dental and a 401k, there are multiple opportunities for companies to invest in the well being of their employees. In addition to salary, you’ll want to look at the other items you potential employer is offering and whether or not those line up with you wants and needs.

    Opportunities: You may find yourself with a tempting offer on the table, but what does it hold for the future? Depending on where you are in your career and where you’d like to go, it’s important to investigate what stepping stones with be available to you, as well as opportunities for development and learning.

    Stability: A well paying position doesn’t offer you much if the business is on the road to closing its doors. Investigate as much as possible beforehand. Check out online reviews, if possible, and ask tough (yet tactful) questions during your interview.

    Naturally, there are plenty of other things you can and should consider prior to accepting a job offer. At Lending360, we take great pride in providing a work environment and careers that are fulfilling, rewarding and competitive. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities we have available, please visit our careers page.

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