Christian Garcia

Loan Officer

Phone : (855) 565-3863
Fax : (818) 284-4414

Working as a Loan Officer, Christian has been part of the Lending360 team for nearly two years now and has proven himself an invaluable member of our team. In this role, Christian spends his time generating home loans for our customers, tailoring them to meet their personal situations and goals as future homeowners. He boasts a professional history that includes lending, as well as selling precious metals including both gold and silver.

Born in the San Fernando Valley and raised in the surrounding area, Christian spends his free time pursuing hobbies that include traveling, finding new and delicious spots to grab a bite to eat, and visiting "The Happiest Place On Earth." More importantly, though, he believes that you can learn more from a person through their actions versus their words, and lives by this belief whether he's at work or going on his next big adventure.